About Me

01 ChuyAfter fifteen years of riding up and down the river trails and participating in fun rides, and watching Le Tour on OLN now Versus, I turned bike racer.  Now I race for The Cyclery Bike Shop.

In 2002, I met R. Lee Willmore who encouraged me to race ‘cross and try the races at El Do.  I started racing ‘cross in 2005, when there was a D category at the Urban Cyclocross races and there were only about 10 of us in the beginner race.  Lee also encouraged me to join Celo Pacific and helped me learn to do things like drafting and pace lines.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of racing. Although I’ve raced the Southern California Prestige Series, the Urban Cyclocross Series, and Sea Otter consistently, 2010 was really my break out year in racing; not because I did really well at racing, but I raced a lot, averaging just under 2 races per week.  2010 was a great learning year for me, with crashes and broken pinkies, some podiums and lots of fun and lots of great people. With that incredible year under my belt, and with the help of my friends and teammates, I started to work on improving in every aspect of bicycle racing.

My plan is to use the road and mountain bike seasons to get me ready for ‘cross season.  I raced a lot in 2010, probably more than I should  have, so I won’t be racing that much again because I don’t want to sacrifice the miles during the year.

When I’m off my bike — I’m never off my bike . . . When I’m not racing or training for a race — I’m always racing or training for a race . . . I spend my spare time with my wife and daughter.

My daughter raced her first season of ‘cross in 2009-2010 and did reasonably well, she got to stand on the podium much more than I did.  My wife wants to ride her bike but finds it difficult to find the time.  We’re all working on her to get back on the bike.

Look for me at a race near you; check out my racing schedule, then come to the races and yell, “Go Chuy Go!”