Pre-Season . . .

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It’s almost hard to believe that the school year has started again, which means the start of ‘cross season is imminent.  Soon I’ll be posting weekly race reports explaining how I finished in the middle of the pack and felt good about it . . . well, hopefully not.  I’m looking forward to my best ‘cross season ever, although I’m not sure where I’ll finish.

In the meantime, I’ve been riding a lot, and running a little.  It seems to me that a lot has happened since my last OTH race report so I thought I’d put in an update — after all, I don’t want you forgetting about me.

First, I haven’t been great about my weight, but I haven’t been terrible.  I got a new cookbook and have been trying out some new recipes.  When I saw Jeff Sanford post the spoof for the iPhone 5 on Facebook, I got a good kick out of it–I felt like they made it specifically for me.  Check it out:


But it didn’t deter me from posting my pictures on Facebook or here.

Huevos Rancheros

My Favorite!

Eggplant Lasagne and Caesar salad with homemade dressing

Good stuff.

After OTH #9 Dave and I both ended up with a rash from poison oak, so we never went back.  I saw the doctor and got some medicine and my rash cleared up rather quickly. Dave decided to fight it with his muscles and his grew much worse than mine.



Dave’s spread down his forearm, and it took him about two weeks longer to get rid of it.

The rash kept us from OTH, but it didn’t keep us off the bikes.

At Marshall Canyon


Then we found out fellow ‘crosser Catherine Hinton works in Downey so she joined us for a few rides.

Catherine joined us for a dirt ride at Turnbull Canyon

As long as the sun is out, we can ride after work.  Then when it’s not we can ride with lights, I suppose.


It wasn’t just fun on the bike, we did get to celebrate Claire’s cousins wedding in August.

Will and Heather Happily Married

The only advice I could offer Will was that it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission.  I think they’ll do great things together.

We had fun – Goofballs!


Then Dave, Chris Bautista, Stevo Herrera of The Cyclery Bike Shop and I all got together for another ride at Marshall Canyon.  I was feeling pretty good about the ride, we rode up to Potato Mountain, I had several PRs, climbed over 5000 feet, 3 hours on the mountain bike: it was a good ride.

Then I came home and saw BP’s Facebook:

Twice the distance in about the same amount of time with about the same amount of climbing!  Nothing like a lesson in humility!

All was not lost, however, as I tried the Elder the for the first time.

Then it was back on the mountain bike for the Bautista Grind at Bonelli.  I thought for a  split second that Chris hated Dave and Stevo and me because he was talking about doing two laps.


Chris leading up the hill


Chris, Dave and Stevo


Then I got a call from Stevo to come to the shop and when I got there

Cannondale SuperSIX


I had to break it in, so I rode it to work, then to Turnbull and then Dave and I decided to go to Newport Coast and climb that little hill.

Dave had the great idea of continuing on so we bypassed the little hill and rode down to Dana Point.  On the way down we saw Thad Sparrow riding back from Dana Point and he yelled, “Go Celo!”  We’d ridden to Dana Point once before and stopped to eat at Stuft Pizza and Brewery so we went back there again.

Mile 50

Dave had a Philly Cheesesteak and I had a burger.  It made the ride home a little interesting, although I think it might have helped.

Mile 80

We stopped for drinks in Seal Beach.

Mile 85

Back on the San Gabriel River for the home stretch.  The difference in temperature as we left the coast was pretty dramatic, it probably got 20º warmer within a matter of minutes.


Mile 92

I finally made it home totaling 100.5 total miles.  The SuperSIX was incredible, I felt like a kid who thinks he’s faster because he got new shoes, and I believe it, too!

Can’t wait for ‘cross season to start.  I’ve been having trouble with my tires, hopefully I can get that squared away in time.  See you on the bike!