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Waiting with Bated Breath

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. . . Luckily, only figuratively now.  It’s been a very long two weeks for me, but I’ve been good: I took all my meds, rested the way I was supposed to and got very well taken care of.  Now I feel good and I’m supposed to see the doctor on Monday afternoon.  That’s where the title is supposed to make sense because I’m hoping he’s going to say it’s OK for me to ride and run and get back into the swing of things.  My fear is that he’ll say to ease into it, and my guess is I won’t have much of a choice: you can’t sit on your ass for two weeks and expect to pick up where you left off.

So what did I do?  I sat a lot, and ate a little, played video games, and read a book.  And I watched on Strava how all my fellow cyclists rode their 20, 30, 40, 50, 70 miles and some ran from 3 to 8 miles and how I wished my name could be on that list.  Then I read James’s & Beth’s race reports and Justin’s & Allison’s training reports and felt a little vicarious satisfaction.  I also Face Timed with Tanya (Dave Williams’s wife . . . don’t tell Dave!) every day and she filled me in with all the good gossip from work.

Claire managed to spoil me incredibly, unfortunately at the expense of her workouts.  She hasn’t been on a ride or a run since I’ve been home sick.  I’m hoping she’ll get back into her routine next week when things return to normal.

My mom and my sister came to visit me every day in the first week and my mom brought food every time: caldo de pollo, caldo de pescado, pozole!  She spoiled me, too.  My sister went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis.  She’d been suffering for a long time and was finally diagnosed.  I’m glad she finally found someone who could treat her.

I’ve been eating a lot of fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries, and some probiotic and greek yogurt for protein.  My portions have been really small, I get full very quickly for some reason: I can’t even eat an entire bagel.

But Claire made steak one night for dinner and when I saw it I thought there was no way I’d be able to finish it, but I did and it was grub!  I made Claire’s new favorite, slow baked salmon with lemon and thyme on Saturday night and she seasoned and grilled some asparagus and that was also grub!


Fresh Fruit Pancakes & Coffee and Slow Baked Salmon with Lemon & Thyme

Protein Goodness!

Through it all, sitting on my ass and eating lots of fruit I’ve lost 4 pounds, most of it probably muscle, but I’ll take it because it’s better than gaining weight, and although it’s probably just from being sick, I’m hoping it’s a sign that I was doing things right and continued to lose weight even when I wasn’t exercising.


Now I’m itching to get on the bike.  I’m walking to my appointment tomorrow just to show that I’m physically able to be physical.  So, doctor on Monday and back to work on Tuesday and hopefully back to running and cycling as well!  Then Racers & Chasers Winter Series Finale on Saturday!  I can’t wait!!